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艺术——不仅仅是为了装饰空间,更是为了点亮的心灵,让在忙碌的生活中,感受到艺术的力量和美丽,每一种色彩,每一条线条,都在向讲述一个属于我们的故事。 空间——是一种艺术,是一种感受,更是一种情感,勾勒心中向往的生活。
Inspiration - from the subtle observation of life, each perspective, let you find a different beauty, our design, for you to show you the wonderful you have overlooked.

Art - not only to decorate the space, but also to light up your mind, so that you can feel the power and beauty of art in your busy life, every color, every line, are telling you a story that belongs to us.

Space - is a kind of art, is a kind of feeling, is a kind of emotion, outline the heart yearning for life.

Brand story
BLUEBIRD”是一家拥有百年历史的德国传奇品牌。在这一百多年里,布鲁博德- -直以精湛的工艺、优良的品质和创新精神,为全球消费者打造着高品质的家居电气品牌。
"BLUEBIRD" is a legendary German brand with a century-old history. In this more than 100 years, Bluebode - with exquisite craftsmanship, excellent quality and innovative spirit, to create a high-quality home electrical brand for consumers around the world. The founder of BLUEBIRD, Mr. Bluebird, is a very innovative German engineer. He founded the "BLUEBIRD" brand in the early 20th century, and from the beginning focused on the development and production of household kitchen products. Since then, "BLUEBIRD" has been adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to bring consumers one stunning home electrical product after another. "BLUEBIRD" products all over the world, deeply loved by consumers. Among them, the most representative is the "BLUEBIRD" building electrical products. These products are not only ahead of the industry in performance and functionality, but also in design. It is also quite ingenious and has become the first choice of many families. "BLUEBIRD" manufacturing main products: switch socket, wire and cable, smart home series products, etc. These products are not only beautiful in appearance, but also practical, adding more comfort and warmth to the home environment. The story of "BLUEBIRD" is a legend of the German artisan spirit and innovative spirit. It tells us that only by continuous innovation can we maintain our leading position; Only by creating with your heart can you win the trust and love of consumers.

Quality technology
BLUEBIRD|布鲁博德开关超大的面板和边框设计,创新一体化的专利结构,带来全新的视觉冲击,适合不同的家庭风格,随意搭配更轻松。 超大视界,搭配更随意,选用时尚的金属拉丝面板,匠心精工之作,让用户在开关之间能感触到非凡的品质。并且有多种颜色可供选择,适合不同的家装风格,使搭配更随意、更轻松。感觉自己一体化的结构。 匠心品质,使用更省心,搭配全新设计无磨损机构,清脆悦耳,瞬间点亮。化繁为简,安装更轻松,采用创新的翘板与面板一体化设计,不仅外形时尚,安装更简易便捷。 “BLUEBIRD”秉着“锐意创新、勇于进取”的精神,致力于为客户提供安全环保、科技领先的开关插座产品,为成为全球开关行业的领导品牌而不懈努力!
BLUEBIRD switch large panel and frame design, innovative integration of patent structure, bring a new visual impact, suitable for different family styles, casual collocation easier. Oversized view, with more casual, the selection of fashionable brushed metal panels, ingenuity, seiko, so that users can feel the extraordinary quality between the switch. And there are a variety of colors to choose from, suitable for different home decoration styles, making the collocation more casual and easier. Feel yourself integrated in the structure. Originality quality, the use of more worry, with a new design of no wear mechanism, crisp and pleasant, instant light. Simplify the complex, easier to install, the use of innovative warping board and panel integration design, not only stylish, easier to install. "BLUEBIRD" adhering to the spirit of "innovation, courage to forge ahead", is committed to providing customers with safety, environmental protection, technology leading switch socket products, in order to become a leading brand in the global switch industry and make unremitting efforts!